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Car crashes and collision damage are common, but when it happens to your car, it's a big deal. Your car is likely your second largest investment and allows you to participate in almost every aspect of your life. It's not just a statistic on a page. Whether your car's damage is covered by an insurance policy or you are paying out of pocket, you have the right to select the shop you want to repair it. Some insurance companies won't tell you that. They may also neglect to tell you that their recommended shop uses aftermarket parts that can't restore your vehicle to its original condition and safety standards. At Flash's Auto Body & Paint in Spokane, Washington, we use only original equipment manufacturer's (OEM) parts, and we respect your right to decide who works on your car. We are conveniently located at 2417 N Astor Street not far from US 2/395. We welcome you to come by or call us at (509) 483-6843. We're glad to discuss the damage to your car and needed repairs (estimates by appointment) regardless of which shop you ultimately choose.

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Insurance companies have a job to do. We appreciate their services, and we respect a great deal of what they accomplish. However, part of their job is to cover insured damage while spending the least amount of money possible. This protects their profit margin, but it may not adequately protect you. Many adjusters will suggest that you use their contracted shop without telling you that you have the right to decide who completes the work. Worse, they also probably won't tell you that their partnering service providers use the least expensive parts available. These are not the same parts used when your car was manufactured. Genuine parts are important because while your car may look okay after being repaired with aftermarket parts, it may not be as safe or durable as it once was. This directly impacts your safety and diminishes the value of your car. It's your car, and it's your choice to repair it with someone who uses quality OEM parts.

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At Flash's Auto Body & Paint in Spokane, Washington, our commitment is to you, not any other business. We willingly and diligently work with any insurance company covering repairs to your vehicle, but we do not affiliate ourselves with an insurer as a "preferred" shop. We refuse to use substandard parts or cut corners to improve their bottom line--while potentially damaging yours. Further, we treat customers as the individuals they are, not as a number to be herded through a fast production process. We pride ourselves on small-town-style service as well as a family-owned, friendly atmosphere. With multiple service bays and paint booths, we are large enough to provide efficient repairs, yet small enough to care about you and your vehicle. We look forward to receiving your call at (509) 483-6843.

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