About Our Shop in Spokane, WA

Get to Know Us -- Flash's Auto Body & Paint

Flash's Auto Body & Paint puts our customers first. Period. No, "but" no "as long as." You won't hear us say, "we put customers first--as long as we can please the insurance company," or, "we repair cars, but we keep our costs in check by using aftermarket parts." The overarching principle of treating customers and making repairs right is what guides us daily.

Originally established in 1979, Flash's Auto Body & Paint has been owned and operated by Ryan & Liana Borth since 2012. Ryan is a factory trained BMW technician and graduated from the Universal Tech Institute in Houston, Texas. He has completed 9 months of BMW training and certifications in Oxnard, California. After working for 10 years with BMW repair in Scottsdale, AZ, he and Liana moved to the Spokane area. In his spare time, Ryan enjoys repairing Mini Coopers and BMW's, while Liana is an avid equestrian. Together they have two daughters and a son. The Borth's strive to ensure that they provide customers with the highest quality of repair for each vehicle. At Flash's Auto Body & Paint, it is our highest priority to see to it that your experience is friendly and accommodating while guaranteeing all repairs are done to your satisfaction.

Our Background

Flash's Auto Body & Paint first opened in 1979, and the Borth family took the helm in 2012. Ryan Borth holds multiple manufacturer certifications, having trained and worked with several programs and dealerships in multiple states. Once he and his father decided to open their own collision repair business, Ryan and wife Liana returned to the Spokane region. Together, the family worked tirelessly to extend the business's existing foundation, putting customers first in a shop with state-of-the-art equipment. The result is a place that attends to all your needs as a customer, yet can handle all your collision repair requirements. We even make the effort to detail your ride before returning it to you.

Our Interests

The Borths are deeply rooted in their own family and running a business together. Living in the nearby Deer Park area, Ryan and Liana enjoy the people and animals in their community. Liana loves riding horses, while Ryan gravitates toward MINI Coopers and BMWs in his spare time. But their diverse interests never stop them from coming together for family movie night! The family's commitment to the community and building relationships greatly benefits vehicle owners in the professional-client customer service connection you'll find in their shop. Rather than holding a primary interest in pleasing an insurance company that might not have your best interest in mind, the Borths hold your right to choose how and where your car is repaired close to their hearts. You can always trust Flash's Auto Body & Paint in Spokane, Washington, to take care of you and your vehicle. To work with the shop that truly has your best interest in mind, call them at (509) 483-6843 to schedule an appointment.