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Automotive Painting For Beginners

Help! I’ve Been In An Accident! What’s The Next Step? Look, accidents happen to everyone. They’re commonplace, at best, and usually come with a baseline amount of physical damage to your vehicle. Staying safe on the road is paramount, but many people are rightfully concerned about how their car looks after an accident. Collisions and […]

Bumper Repair 101

To Repair, Or Replace? Don’t Panic Maintenance work on a vehicle is eventual. It’s never a matter of if but when. However, repairing and replacing something always throws a wrench into things. For many, the financial sweats kick into gear. For others, their first question is how long they will be without their car. Whatever […]

Types of Dent Repair

Dent, Not Doom We understand that your vehicle is an investment, a means of transportation, and perhaps even your pride and joy. Therefore, you don’t want its appearance or functionality marred by a dent. The great news is that a dent doesn’t equal doom. Your automobile is not forever ruined by a wayward shopping cart, […]

The Process of Auto Painting

What Goes Into Prepping a Car for Auto Painting? Any automotive professional will tell you that preparation is everything when it comes to the process of auto painting. Prepping the auto paint is just as important as applying the paint, and it plays a significant role in the quality of the end result, whether you’re […]

Why Use OEM Replacement Parts

WHY ARE OEM REPLACEMENT PARTS BETTER? OEM Parts stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer Parts. If your vehicle’s manufacturer made a part specifically for it, it would only make sense that if it needs to be replaced, you use the manufacturer’s part. True, OEM parts tend to be more expensive than aftermarket parts. So, the decision […]

What To Do After An Accident

YOU WERE IN A CAR ACCIDENT! NOW WHAT? Most drivers have been in some kind of accident, whether it was their fault or not! Some careless driver may have been following too closely, or someone ran a stoplight. Either way, there are a few basic steps any motorists should take after they’ve been in an […]