Collision Services in Spokane, WA

The Top Choice for Collision Care -- Flash's Auto Body & Paint

If you have vehicle damage -- paint peeling on the bumper, a little fender bender, or hail dents -- you need a one-stop-shop that offers a range of comprehensive collision services to restore your car to its former glory and safety rating. You need someone who advocates for you instead of representing an insurance company. This may be the difference between returning your ride to its original state and a cut-rate job that helps the insurance company satisfy its profit margin. At Flash's Auto Body & Paint in Spokane, Washington, our services always land on the side of quality and exceeding your expectations. We use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts and sound practices to make your vehicle whole again after an accident. Call us today at (509) 483-6843. You'll find our shop at 2417 N Astor Street in Spokane, Washington, and you'll find our auto body services are second to none.

What We Do

Regardless of the size or extent of auto body damage, Flash's Auto Body & Paint can help you make your vehicle look good again. Got dents? We can get those out for you, making your car's metal surfaces smooth again. Backed into something and cracked your bumper? We can replace that and paint the new one to match. Sandwiched and crumpled like an accordion between two more cars in a pile-up? Yes, we can help you with major collision repairs. Other services include painting, pinstriping, scratch removal, and frame or unibody repair.

We want you to be educated about the damage, the proposed work, and your right to choose as the vehicle owner. We offer estimates (by appointment), courtesy shuttle, convenient drop-off/pick-up, and free detailing before returning your car to you. While we represent your best interest, we work with any insurance company to get your ride restored.

How We Do It

Just as important as what we do is how we do it. While some collision service centers align themselves with insurance companies as "preferred" shops, we choose not to affiliate ourselves with any insurer. Preferred shops often find themselves forced to use aftermarket parts as dictated by the insurance company. We believe you should have the right to restore your car to its pre-accident condition, value, appearance, and safety rating. Jeopardizing any one of these to save the insurance company a dollar is simply not acceptable to us. We use only OEM parts that we order and receive ourselves to ensure integrity and authenticity. We employ experienced, certified technicians with the knowledge and skills to properly repair your vehicle. Finally, we use the best equipment to complete the work.

A serious crash often causes more than cosmetic damage. If you have frame damage, quality repairs are the only way to restore your safety and the car's performance. An improper repair leads to poorly fitting body panels and doors, the inability to align the wheels properly, and premature suspension system wear. That's why we use high-end tech like the Celette Cameleon bench frame machine. We are the only shop in our area with this dedicated set-up that allows for Celette certified repairs using JIGS with OEM 3D CAD coordinates. This means that your frame repair is as accurate as possible. And Flash's Auto Body & Paint takes every other aspect of repairing your car just that seriously. Give Spokane, Washington's most dedicated collision repair shop try by calling (509) 483-6843 to schedule an appointment.