Dent Repair in Spokane, WA

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Short of a major collision that causes injuries and totals your vehicle, few things are worse than denting your car. Whether there was a fender bender (that may not have been your fault), you backed into a fence post, or you were caught in a hail storm, dents damage both the appearance and value of your ride. Can't they just go away? Yes, they can! Flash's Auto Body & Paint in Spokane, Washington, is like magic when it comes to auto body dent damage. Drop the dented car off with us, and pick up a dent-free car a short while later that you can be proud of. We're conveniently located at 2417 N Astor Street, so you can easily find us. Give us a call at (509) 483-6843 to talk about how we can make the dent in your car disappear.

Paintless Dent Repair

Depending on the characteristics of the dent in your car, you may have a couple of repair options. If the recessed area is not extremely large or perhaps not too deep, it may be possible to remove it with the paintless dent removal process. We check to see if the paint is still intact and if a technician can access the area needing work. If all factors align, we may be able to save you a lot of time and money with paintless dent repair. A collision specialist will use special tools to ease the impacted metal back to its original position. It's that simple. No bonding. No sanding. No painting. How great is that? In a very short amount of time and for a relatively small price, as compared to other auto body repairs, the dent is gone, and nobody knows it ever happened! Keep in mind that plastic parts like bumpers aren't candidates for this kind of repair.

Traditional Dent Repair

When dents are really bad, it is sometimes necessary to replace a metal panel. Often, however, there is a solution that lies between the ease of paintless dent repair and the trouble of replacing an entire section of the car's exterior. Traditional dent repair involves pulling the dent out to the extent possible to create an area where technicians can work. The remaining crater is then prepared for bonding. Next, a technician applies bonding material, working to make the affected area even with the surrounding undamaged surface. After this filler dries, we sand to make it smooth and even with the undamaged metal. Once the shape and texture are correct, we can repaint. This multi-step process can take a bit of time to complete with drying and curing time.

Regardless of the dent repair method required to fix your car, the technicians at Flash's Auto Body & Paint in Spokane, Washington, are your dent removal magicians. Call us at (509) 483-6843 to schedule an assessment of your dent and get a recommendation of which repair method will be best for your car.