Frame Repair in Spokane, WA

Don’t Assume Your Car’s Condition -- Flash's Auto Body & Paint

There is some truth to the saying that what's on the inside matters most, especially when it comes to your car. Most people want their rides to look nice, but great appearance, optimal performance, and maximum safety start somewhere underneath the sleek exterior. If your car has been involved in a collision, you could have frame damage. "Out of sight, out of mind" is not a good approach to dealing with this issue. Instead, bring your ailing vehicle to Flash's Auto Body & Paint, 2417 N Astor Street, Spokane, Washington. We'll discuss the feasibility of and requirements for effectively repairing your car, always representing your best interest rather than that of the insurance company. To schedule an appointment, call us at (509) 483-6843.

Collisions and Frame Damage

When a crash happens, once the condition of drivers and passengers has been assessed, it's natural to look at your car to see how bad the damage is. The exterior damage you can see may not tell the whole story. Your vehicle may have frame damage concealed underneath body damage. If so, your car's appearance, performance, and safety may suffer. Common complications include poorly fitting panels and doors, premature suspension system wear, and poor wheel alignment, leading to poor handling and excessive tire wear. Less observable but even more important, a damaged and unrepaired frame impairs your vehicle's capability to absorb shock and protect occupants in a subsequent crash. You should never take your car's frame integrity for granted based on surface appearance. After an accident, have the frame checked by a professional and discuss the necessity and feasibility for repairs.

Frame Repair 101: The Crash Course

If any type of car frame becomes bent or warped, it needs prompt attention. If the frame can be repaired, it is attached to a special machine that measures, pushes and pulls, and measures again until the structure is brought back within a tolerable allowance to the manufacturer's specifications. Flash's Auto Body & Paint is the only shop in our area with a dedicated Celette Cameleon bench frame machine that allows for Celette certified repairs using JIGS with OEM 3D CAD coordinates. This helps us make sure your frame repair is as accurate as it can be. In some cases, sections of metal or other components must be replaced to ensure structural integrity. The worst case is that the frame is beyond safe or reasonable repair and needs to be scrapped. At Flash's Auto Body & Paint in Spokane, Washington, we will work with you to honestly assess your car's situation and make superior repairs if they are feasible for you. You can reach us at (509) 483-6843 to schedule an appointment.