Auto Painting in Spokane, WA

Top-Quality Auto Painting -- Flash's Auto Body & Paint

Flashs offers the highest quality collision repair paint services in automotive refinishing. Using a high tech camera, our certified paint technicians are able to find an exact color match to your vehicle with a computerized mixing and measuring system. Working in a climate-controlled environment with state of the art technology our spray booth with is equipped with a 1.5 billion BTU heater, our technicians achieve a smooth and accurate finish making your vehicle look like new again.

Things to Consider Before You Paint

Before the painting process begins, it is helpful for clients to think through the work. This eliminates surprises by giving you opportunities to ask questions and plan accordingly for shop time. A quality paint job takes time. It's better to plan for that than to rush the process, potentially sacrificing the quality and integrity of the work. A complete paint job requires that technicians remove all interior components, such as the dashboard and seats, to ensure that all painted surfaces are treated as they should be. Also, for optimal results, you need to allow your chosen shop to take care of other auto body issues first, including dents, deep scratches, or cuts into the metal. Simply painting over a surface that is not smooth or paint-ready does not fix all the cosmetic issues. Finally, understand that a decent coat of paint involves some expense. However, the new paint usually raises the value of the car, making the price well worth it!

Painting and Collision Repair

When painting a vehicle that has been in a collision, we invest the time to restore the car's paint to its former glory. Typically, this begins with selecting the best paint for the task at hand. Auto paint is usually either solvent-borne or waterborne. Only these paints--which are specifically designed for automotive application--should be used. We then color match the paint to the rest of the vehicle. All surfaces that are not being repainted are covered. If sanding is necessary, our technicians will take care of that work and remove any dusty residue from the sanded area. Primer, often in multiple coats, is applied before another round of sanding. Only then is topcoat paint applied, followed by a coat of lacquer. Finally, we buff the car for a sleek, even finish. All these steps are necessary to erase the marks of a crash, leaving nothing but the memory of damage. If your car is wrecked and needs an area repainted, don't cut corners. Bring your ride to Flash's Auto Body & Paint in Spokane, Washington, for a perfect finish.

Quality, expertise, top-notch equipment/facilities, and proper technique matter, so bring your vehicle to Flash's Auto Body & Paint. You'll find us at 2417 N Astor Street in Spokane, Washington, not far from US 2/395. Call us at (509) 483-6843 to schedule an estimate and to discuss how great your car is going to look.