What To Do After An Accident


Most drivers have been in some kind of accident, whether it was their fault or not! Some careless driver may have been following too closely, or someone ran a stoplight. Either way, there are a few basic steps any motorists should take after they’ve been in an accident. The following tips are what you should do after you are involved in an accident.

Is Anybody Hurt?

Whether anybody has been hurt in the accident is the most important thing. The clock is ticking whenever a person is injured. The phyical health of those involved in the accident takes precedence over who’s at fault. After your own injuries have been self-diagnosed, with the presumption that you are unharmed physically, to the best of your ability determine if your fellow passengers are in need of medical attention. You will want to check the other motorists involved in the accident too. If immediate medical attention is not needed, then you can call a non-emergency line for assistance.

Moving to a Safe Space

An accident can happen at any moment, and anywhere. Safety is important, therefore every person and vehicle should be cleared away from the flow of traffic. If your vehicle cannot be moved, then make sure that you move to a safe space. To warn oncoming motorists that they are approaching the accident, if you have them, use road flares or warning signs. Once the scene of the accident is safe to approach, you will want to exchanage contact information with the other driver involved in the accident. The main objective is to get the other drivers information, in case they leaves the scene of the accident. Now you can make your necessary phone calls.

Take Plenty of Pictures

Most motorists have a camera, as long as they have their smartphone. Try to document the entire scene, by capturing as many photos that you can. Keep all of your pictures as evidence, which may come in handy in the future. Having a detailed document of the accident, can help determine a cause. Anyone involved in the accident can file a claim, which gives multiple eye-witness accounts of the accident. The more photos that you have, the better equipped you will be, because you will have evidence on your side.

Talking to the Police

Keep in mind that the police are there to gather evidence to what may have caused the accident. They are not there to prosecute anyone, they just need the evidence. The police are impartial, but they will write down everything you say. Refrain from saying too much, otherwise you may talk yourself into being liable for the accident. Just stick with the facts, making sure what you say is the truth, to the best of your recollection.

The Insurer, The Doctor, and The Auto Body Shop

When reporting the accident, make sure to have all the information required in order to file your claim. Keep in mind, even if you declined medical attention at the time of the accident, you should schedule an appointment with your doctor (or chiropractor) right away, to give you an official bill of health. Once these steps are complete, you need to focus on repairing your vehicle after the collision. Repairing your vehicle after a collision, can be stressful but it is very important. Visit the quality repair techs at Flash’s Auto Body & Paint to find out what your vehicle’s true condition is.

Written by Flash's Auto Body