Why Choose Us

Your insurance policy states that repairs made following a collision should return the car to pre-accident condition, and to us, that means the use of OEM parts. Car manufacturers spend millions of dollars developing their crash safety systems, and they only work how they're supposed to when the right parts are used. We only use factory-approved methods and techniques when repairing your vehicle. This ensures your vehicle will return to its pre-loss condition and you will maintain your factory warranty.

For that reason we are not enrolled in any insurer direct repair programs (DRP) to control production costs. Insurance companies use these DRP's as a way to reduce the cost and length of time required to repair your vehicle. However, the hidden dangers to this practice are that these DRP facilities are forced to use inferior aftermarket parts and often repair damaged parts instead of replacing them.

The simple truth is that repairs by DRP program facilities, although they save insurance companies millions of dollars a year, often leave your car less safe than before the accident. Certain repairs using non-OEM parts, or utilizing the practice of repair rather than replacing, can drop you car's safety rating by multiple stars, leaving you more vulnerable to even more costly repairs, or greater injury, the next time you are in a collision.

The use of OEM parts is by far the most safe, and ultimately cost-effective, way to repair a vehicle. And while vehicle manufacturers may not provide OEM parts of their older models, we will always recommend to you and your insurance the use of OEM parts whenever available. At Flash's Auto Body & Paint, your safety is our number one priority.