Why Use OEM Replacement Parts


OEM Parts stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer Parts. If your vehicle’s manufacturer made a part specifically for it, it would only make sense that if it needs to be replaced, you use the manufacturer’s part. True, OEM parts tend to be more expensive than aftermarket parts. So, the decision that each vehicle owner must make, is if the OEM part is worth the extra cost. Listed below, are the main reasons why OEM replacement parts are the best option, and why you should get OEM parts for your collision repair.

Make it Easier to Choose

There are a variety of aftermarket parts to choose from. It takes time to research the quality and reliability of a particular brand. Even after you choose the less expensive aftermarket part, you still don’t have any assurance that it will be effective in your vehicle. However, when you are seeking an OEM part, you don’t need to worry about brand compatibility or reliability.

Confidence in Your OEM Replacement Part

When you use OEM parts, you know with certainty that the part was specifically designed for your vehicle. This makes the cost well worth it. Whenever you replace a part with an aftermarket part, you risk the chance that it won’t operate as it should. Using OEM parts gives vehicle owners the confidence in any repair that they need done. The peace of mind that you get, can make the extra cost worth every penny. Especially, if you end up buying the OEM part because the aftermarket part didn’t work well.

Usually Comes With a Warranty

Most manufacturers have a warranty on their OEM Replacement Parts. You can think of the warranty as the extra price for the OEM. Typically, this warranty is good for one-year. Many vehicle owners refuse to use an aftermarket part without a warranty. It is a logical decision for vehicle owners to choose OEM Replacement Parts because it is a reassurance that their vehicle was fixed right, the first time.

Retain the Resale Value

One day you may want to sell your vehicle, and that aftermarket replacement part may decrease the resale value. Keeping all OEM replacement parts on your vehicle can be a selling point. Anytime you sell a car, saying it has “all OEM Replacement Parts”, is almost as good as saying it’s never been in an accident.

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If your vehicle has been in a collision, it’s smarter to use OEM Replacement Parts because aftermarket parts may have complications. After a collision, if your goal is to get back on the road as quickly as possible, you should always choose OEM parts. Flash’s Auto Body & Paint in Spokane, WA is your local collision repair expert using high-quality, OEM parts for collision repairs.

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