OEM Collision Replacement Parts in Spokane, WA

We Only Use OEM Parts -- Flash's Auto Body & Paint

Why would you replace damaged car parts with off-brand, low-quality imitations? Perhaps you wouldn't, but that may be exactly what you get if you make the wrong choice in a collision repair shop. If you're not satisfied with that, bring your vehicle to Flash's Auto Body & Paint in Spokane, Washington. We're conveniently located 2417 N Astor Street near US 2/395. If cheap repairs don't sound like such a bargain to you, give us a call at (509) 483-6843.

Are All Parts the Same?

Not necessarily. Some generic aftermarket replacement parts lack performance and durability or decrease vehicle value and crash safety ratings. That's why you want OEM parts (original equipment manufacturer). Regardless of who caused the crash and whose insurance company is picking up the bill, drivers pay for protection that will restore their vehicles to pre-accident condition. Therefore, the expectation is that impacted vehicles will be repaired using the quality supplies that one gets from OEM parts. Aftermarket parts may be less expensive on the front end, making them attractive to insurance companies who are concerned with profit margins, but they could be costly on the back end. Perhaps they won't fit as well. Who wants an ill-fitting part that leaves an exposed gap or rattles as you drive? Maybe there's a high shipping charge if you're paying for parts out of pocket. An inexpensive part can quickly become expensive when the shipping costs more than the item itself. Or could that cut-rate replacement void your manufacturer's warranty? Think about the parts that go into your collision repair carefully, and always reach out to Flash's Auto Body & Paint when you have questions.

Your Right to Choose

It's your car, your insurance premium, and your right to choose who repairs your collision damage. Many insurance carriers won't tell you that. In fact, some adjusters may even try to coerce you into taking your auto to one of their "preferred" shops, implying that you have no choice or trying to entice you with promises of a quicker, more streamlined repair process. The truth is that you, the consumer and car owner, always have a choice. You have the right to choose who repairs your vehicle, and part of your decision should be the quality of parts the service provider uses. At Flash's Auto Body & Paint in Spokane, Washington, we use only genuine OEM parts in collision repair. In fact, we are so meticulous that we install only parts we order and receive ourselves to ensure the integrity of the supply chain. That way, we know we're never passing off an imitation to you. We respect your freedom of choice, so if you choose us, you can reach us at (509) 483-6843.